Frequently Asked Questions - Racing & Events

FAQs - Racing & Events

Yes!  There are several events hosted by Saskatoon Track n Trail every year.  Along with our weekly point series race we have several special events including the Ice Breaker season opening fun race, 2 Hour season ending endurance race and CMRC provincial series race.  See the Events tab for details.

The weekly races are Wednesdays from May to August and the first gate drop is at 6:30. Registration is 5:30-6:15 and 6:15 is practice. For special events like our Ice Breaker or 2 hour check out our Events page for dates and times.

Show up to the track approximately 1 hour before the first gate drop.  A registration table will be set up in the pits.

Each event is separated into classes:

  • A (Advanced/Pro)
  • B (Intermediate)
  • C (Junior)
  • D (Beginner)
  • Old Timer (Vet 30+)
  • Ladies
  • 85cc
  • 65cc
  • 50cc

50cc and 65cc races are on the small wheel track and the rest are on the main track.  Typically we will run a split gate start on the main track to make sure we finish the day in a timely manner.  This means 2 classes will line up together, the higher class will start at the first gate drop and the lower class at the second.  Split gates will depend on the size of classes but will usually be:

  • A/B
  • C/D
  • OT/L&85cc

50cc & 65cc will start at the same time (on small wheel track)

Each class races 2 motos of 6 laps each with the exception of the Old Timer class which will race 5 lap motos.

Yes.  Following suit with CMRC, transponders will be used starting in the 2014 season.  Transponders can be obtained at membership retailer locations.