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Otopasso Track 'n' Trail
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Otopasso Track n Trail Motocross facility features 150 acres of riding area including main event track, secondary practice track, small wheel track for the kids and a variety of trails, hills and misc practice tracks to satisfy all your roosting needs!

Main Track

The main event track is composed of a 42-position starting gate with concrete starting pads. Start line to first turn funnels down to a 30-foot wide right turn, long left angle, a small lifter and a downhill landing. This track is all sand and is ever changing, the obstacles usually come in the form of newly acquired whoops that have little to no rhythm, and these obstacles will change from week to week. Emphasis is usually placed on shorter straits and high-speed berms on most corners. Bermed corners can be taken high at higher speeds and low side for cutting and passing. When our track is freshly groomed and packed there are as many table-top and speed jumps as possible. Because the sand looses its shape so fast most jumps become obstacles that allow some air however some flat landings are common. The best part of our sand track is the whoop sections, they are continuous, and they get very big by the end of race day. When racing in the sand, learning to keep laps times short depends on one's ability to navigate through these roughed out whoop sections that get built up and that is what makes our motocross track so unique.

South Track

The south track is a smaller version of the main event track, and it makes use a valley that runs though the center of it making it a more technical track, which makes it great for skills training. This track is used primarily for Wednesday night test and tune sessions while the main event track is being groomed for other racing events.

Small Wheel (Kids) Track

For the young riders just entering into the sport of off road motorcycling and motocross racing, there is no better place to make you debut than Otopasso. Beginning your riding at Otopasso is a breeze for most kids and there is a special track designed to accommodate most at entry level. The 50s and 60s track is located on the south side of the main area and consists of slightly hilly terrain and is completely in view of the entire spectator area. The track itself is sand with a good root base, which means the sand does not get completely powdered out from use and remains reasonably consistent for most of the season with minimal maintenance. This track has some equipment made whoops that are structured and some smaller hills for jumps. Overall the track is designed to accommodate small riders as young as 4 years old at the same time be technical enough for 65 cc riders competing in CMRC events.

Open 24/7 to members

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Sat, Apr 18 Otopasso Track 'n' Trail
Sun, Apr 19 Otopasso Track 'n' Trail
Sun, May 3 Otopasso Track 'n' Trail
Wed, May 6 Otopasso Track 'n' Trail
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